Table 2.

Gene ontology and diabetes association of differentially expressed genes in βTRAF2 and βTRAF3 islets (chow and DIO)

Gene ontologya
Regulation of cell growth, proliferation, apoptosisAdora1, Bcat1, Gfra3, Grem2, Rasgrp1, Rerg, Sftpd, Socs2Cish, Fmo1, Igfbp5, Ngfr, Prok1, Tph1, Tnfrsf11b
Metabolic processesAdora1, Bcat1, Grem2, Ogdhl, Slca13, Wipi1Fmo1, Ivd, Pde7b, Tph1, Srbd1
Potassium channel componentHcn1, Kcnk10, Lrrcc55Hcn1, Kcnj5
GPCR or GTPase relatedAdora1, Gbp4, Gbp10, Gpr126, Gpr182, Penk, Rasgrp1Cish, Gbp8, Gpr110, Kcnj5, Rph3a
Vesicle-associatedCrispld2, Krtap13-1, Rasgrp1, Wipi1Rph3a, Syt10, Tmem2
Diabetes associationb
associated with type 1 diabetic phenotype in mouse modelsAdora1, Bcat1, Gbp4, Gbp10, Hcn1, Rasgrp1Fmo1, Ngfr, Tnfrsf11b
associated with type 2 diabetic phenotype in mouse modelsAdora1, Bcat1, Gfra3, Gpr126, Hcn1, Kcnk10, Penk, Rasgrp1, Rerg, Sftpd, Socs2, Tnfrsf9, Wipi1B3galnt1, B3galt1, Cish, Cym, Fmo1, Igfbp5, Kcnj5, Ngfr, Tnfrsf11b
associated with T1D in humansGbp4, Rasgrp1Igfbp5, Tnfrsf11b
associated with T2D in humansBcat1, Rasgrp1, SftpdAdarb2, Igfbp5, Ivd, Kcnj5, Pde7b, Rerg, Rph3a, Slca13, Tnfrsf11b
  • a Genes grouped by associated biological function according to DAVID Bioinformatics Database.

  • b Genes associated with T1D and/or T2D in humans; genes associated with a diabetic phenotype in mouse models.