Table 2.

Passive transfer of MOG-specific antibodies partially restored EAE susceptibility in B–MHC II−/− mice

AgIncidenceOnsetMean maximal clinical scoreMean clinical score day 12Mean clinical score day 18Mean clinical score day 24Cumulative score
rhMOG6/615.0 (±1.2)2.5 (±0.4)1.3 (±0.5)2.6 (±0.3)2.9 (±0.2)150.0
rhMOG0/4-0.0 (±0.0)0.0 (±0.0)0.0 (±0.0)0.0 (±0.0)0.0
+anti-MOG mAb4/43.0 (±0.0) p.i.1.0 (±0.1)0.0 (±0.0)0.9 (±0.1)0.9 (±0.1)32.0
+anti-OVA mAb0/4-0.0 (±0.0)0.0 (±0.0)0.0 (±0.0)0.0 (±0.0)0.0
  • p.i., post injection. Onset indicates mean day of disease onset (paralytic EAE) ± SEM. Clinical score shows mean maximal score of paralytic EAE of diseased mice ± SEM. Mean clinical score shows mean score of paralytic EAE of disease mice ± SEM. Cumulative score shows sum of the daily scores of all animals from day 0 until the end of the experiment.