Table 1.

DLK-interacting proteins identified by mass spectrometry

GeneUniprot SymbolPresent in PSDPeptides in DLKlox:CrenegPeptides in DLKlox:Crepos
Beta spectrin 2Spnb2X280
Neurofilament lightNeflX130
Neurofilament mediumNefmX120
Beta spectrin 3Spnb3X100
Matrin 3Matr370
Purine rich binding protein element APuraX70
Microtubule associate protein 1AMap1aX60
Contactin 1Cntn1X50
Actinin alpha 1Actn1X50
DEAH box polypeptide 9Dhx950
Synaptic RAS GTPase activating proteinSyngap1X40
Microtubule associate protein 4Map4X40
Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein a2b1HNRPa2b140
BR serine/threonine kinase 1Brsk140
Set binding factor 1sbf1X30
Kinesin family member 2AKif2X20
  • “Present in PSD” denotes peptides identified in PSD fraction after biochemical fractionation. All peptides except DLK and Map4 have been identified in multiple independent studies.