Table 2.

Hematological parameters of the patient

ParameterValueReference value
Hemoglobin140 g/liter117–153 g/liter
Hematocrit0.425 liter/liter0.35–0.46 liter/l
Erythrocytes4.68 T/liter3.9–5.2 T/l
MCV90.8 fl80–100 fl
MCH29.9 pg26–34 pg
MCHC329 g/liter310–360 g/liter
Reticulocytes (relative)1.8%0.4–2.5%
Reticulocytes (absolute)83 G/liter27–132 G/l
Leukocytes9.15 G/liter3.0–9.6 G/l
Neutrophils5.44 G/liter1.4–8.00 G/l
Monocytes0.64 G/liter0.16–0.95 G/l
Eosinophils0.05 G/liter0.00–0.70 G/l
Basophils0.00 G/liter0.00–0.15 G/l
Lymphocytes3.02 G/liter1.50–4.00 G/l
Iron15.0 μmol/liter7.0–26.0 μmol/l
Ferritin< 1.0 µg /litera10–150 µg /l
Transferrin28.0 μmol/liter25–50 μmol/l
Transferrin saturation27.0%15–50%
Hepcidin3.1 nmol/liter0.5–6.6 nmol/l
  • Hematological values were determined by clinical methods with the exception of serum hepcidin, which was measured using the Hepcidin 25 bioactive ELISA (DGR International) following the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • a Result is outside the reference value.