Table 1.

Human AML cell lines

HL60M2Progranulocytic AML without features of APMLder(5)t(15;17), but no RARa rearrangement
NB4M3Relapsed APMLt(15;17) PML-RARa
ML1M4Secondary AML with MLL rearrangementt(6;11) MLL-AF6
THP1M5Infant AML with MLL rearrangementt(9;11) MLL
U937M5Monocyte-like histiocytic sarcoma with CD13/C15/CD33 expressiont(10;11), t(1;5)
KU812CML-BCML blast crisis, features of basophilst(9;22) BCR-ABL1
K562CML-BCML blast crisis, undifferentiated granulocytic with erythroid featurest(9;22) BCR-ABL1