Table 1.

VH1 and VH3 gene analysis of human PB CD5+ and conventional B cell subsets

SubsetaSequences% mutated (range)Average mutation frequencybSequences assigned to clonesNumber of clones
CD5+CD271485 (0–14)0.0411531
CD5+IgM+CD27+14587 (76–95)2.77420
CD5+IgG/IgA+12682 (72–100)2.1711615
CD5 unmutated c730000
CD5 mutated c521002.6300
  • a For CD5+ and conventional subsets total numbers of four and two healthy donors are given, respectively.

  • b For calculation of the average mutation frequency, identical sequences were counted once, as they might derive from one cell. If all sequences were considered, very similar values were obtained (Table S3). In case of intraclonal diversity, each unique sequence was regarded as derived from an independent cell and counted once. Both in-frame and out-of-frame rearrangements were considered.

  • c CD5, conventional B cells were isolated and analyzed as CD19+ B cells and, afterward, separated into mutated and unmutated sequences.