Table I.

Phenotype and frequency of the five skin DC subsets prior to and following their migration to CLNs

Skin subsetPhenotypesFrequency
    Epidermal LCsCD207++, CD11bint, CD103, EpCAM++, CD24+, Sirpα+100 ± 1
    LCs in transitCD207++, CD11bint, CD103, EpCAM++, CD24+, Sirpα+6.4 ± 1
    CD207+ CD103 DDCsCD207+, CD11blow, CD103, EpCAM−/low, CD24+, Sirpα2.8 ± 0.5
    CD207+ CD103+ DDCsCD207+, CD11blow, CD103+, EpCAM−/low, CD24+, Sirpα2.6 ± 0.6
    CD207 CD11b DDCsCD207, CD11b−/low, CD103, EpCAM, CD24, Sirpαlow16.3 ± 1.3
    CD207 CD11b+ DDCsCD207, CD11bhigh, CD103, EpCAM, CD24, Sirpα+65.8 ± 5
    mLCsCD207+, CD11b−/low ↓, CD103, EpCAM+, CD24+, Sirpα+9.5 ± 2.9
    CD207+ CD103 mDDCsCD207+, CD11b−/low, CD103, EpCAM+ ↑, CD24+, Sirpα+7.0 ± 4.2
    CD207+ CD103+ mDDCsCD207+, CD11b−/low, CD103+, EpCAM+ ↑, CD24+, Sirpαlow13.5 ± 4.5
    CD207 CD11b mDDCsCD207, CD11b, CD103bim ↑, EpCAMbim ↑, CD24bim ↑, Sirpα+20.8 ± 2.5
    CD207 CD11b+ mDDCsCD207, CD11b+, CD103bim ↑, EpCAMint ↑, CD24int ↑, Sirpα+35.2 ± 2.6
  • The percentage ± SEM of each subset among MHCII+ (epidermis and dermis) or MHCIIhigh CD11cinter-to-high (CLN) cells were calculated from at least six independent experiments. Upward and downward pointing arrows indicate markers that were up-regulated or down-regulated, respectively, upon migration to CLNs. Bim, bimodal.