Table I.

Expression of SIY and HEL antigens on reisolated tumors

Inoculation on side AInoculation on side BAnimal numberTumor on side B
Days of growthVolumeAntigen expression (% of tumor cells positive)
SIY onlyHEL only
Experiment I
A-SIY/HELA-SIY + A-HEL1212,600<193
A-SIY/HELA-SIY + A-HEL2211,950<196
A-SIY/HELA-SIY + A-HEL3214,900<189
A-SIY/HELA-SIY + A-HEL4212,600<195
NoneA-SIY + A-HEL1181,300<194
NoneA-SIY + A-HEL2181,200<195
Experiment II
  • NA, not applicable. 5 × 105 A-SIY/HEL or A-SIY cancer cells or 2.5 × 105 A-SIY mixed with 2.5 × 105 A-HEL cancer cells were injected subcutaneously into opposite flanks of B6C3 mice as indicated. Tumor growth was monitored. Tumors on side B were readapted to culture and analyzed by flow cytometry for expression of the SIY and HEL antigens. Data are representative of at least two independent experiments.