Table I.

Summary of hybridoma V region genes

HybridomaVκ germline genes and shared mutations; shared replacementsaMutations: total; replacementsVH germline genes, isotype, and shared mutations; shared replacementsMutations: total; replacementsUnanimously shared Arg mutations
Lineage #1 (mouse 1)
J1.1Vκ CR-1/Jκ2 unanimously shared mutation10; 8r15; 9rVH7183.9.15/ DFL16.1/ JH1 γ2b unanimously shared mutations 7r11; 10r0 Vκ; 2 VH
J1.413; 9r13; 11r0 Vκ; 2 VH
J2.614; 9r9; 8r0 Vκ; 2 VH
J2.714; 10r10; 8r0 Vκ; 2 VH
J3.112; 8r8; 7r0 Vκ; 2 VH
J3.410; 8r13; 9r0 Vκ; 2 VH
J3.811; 9r11; 8r0 Vκ; 2 VH
J4.210; 8r11; 9r0 Vκ; 2 VH
J5.814; 9r9; 8r0 Vκ; 2 VH
K5.1414; 9r9; 8r0 Vκ; 2 VH
J7.1814; 8r13; 9r0 Vκ; 2 VH
J9.713; 8r12; 10r0 Vκ; 2 VH
J10.710; 8r13; 9r0 Vκ; 2 VH
J10.1311; 8r11; 7r0 Vκ; 2 VH
K6.2313; 9r7; 7r0 Vκ; 2 VH
Lineage #2 (mouse 1)
J2.8bVκ ai4/ Jκ1 unanimously shared mutations 1r2; 2rVH3609.12.174/ DSP2.2/JH1 γ2c/γ2b unanimously shared mutations 2; 1r2; 1r0 Vκ; 0 VH
J7.13b1; 1r5; 2r0 Vκ; 0 VH
Lineage #3 (mouse 1)
J3.7Vκ CR-1/Jκ1 unanimously shared mutations 3; 2r19; 12rVHJ558.59.155/DSP2.2/JH3 γ1 unanimously shared mutations 3; 2r21; 12r0 Vκ; 1 VHc
K6.1811; 7r11; 9r0 Vκ; 1 VH
Lineage #4 (mouse 1)
J5.5Vκ 23-43 /Jκ5 unanimously shared mutations 1r5; 4rVHQ52.2.4/DST4/ JH2 γ2c Unanimously shared mutations 6; 3r10; 5r1 Vκ; 0 VH
J6.14; 3r9; 6r1 Vκ; 0 VH
Lineage #5 (mouse 1)
J3.9Vκ ai4/ Jκ2 unanimously shared mutations 6r9; 8rVHJ558.26.116/DQ52/JH3 γ1 unanimously shared mutations 5r8; 6r3 Vκ; 1 VH
J3.107; 7r15; 9r3 Vκ; 1 VH
Single clones (mouse 1)
J3.11Vκ ai4/ Jκ511; 7rVHJ558.26.116/DSP2.5/ JH2 γ2c25; 15r1 Vκ; 0 VH
J3.12Vκ aa4/ Jκ12; 0rVH7183.20.37/DSP2.x/JH4 γ2c13; 11r0 Vκ; 1 VH
J6.2Vκ 23-39/Jκ217; 9rVHJ558.79.184/DST4/JH4 γ2c16; 9r1 Vκ; 1 VHd
J9.11Vκ 23-45/Jκ41; 1rVHJ558.75.177/DSP2x/JH1 γ2c1; 1r1 Vκ; 0 VH
J10.12Vκ19-25/Jκ17; 5rVH3609.12.174/ DSP2.x/JH1 γ2c4; 4r0 Vκ; 1 VH
J10.24Vκ ai4/Jκ28; 4rVHJ558.26.116/DSP2.2/JH2 γ13; 3r1 Vκ; 0 VH
K6.16Vκ 23-43/Jκ210; 6rVHJ588.2.88/ DFL16.1/JH2 γ118; 11r1 Vκ; 1 VH
Lineage #6 (mouse 2)
N3.18Ai4/Jk27; 4rVHJ558.26.116/DSP2.5/JH4 γ2c15;13r1 Vκ; 0 VH
N12.6Unanimously shared mutations 3; 1r13; 6rUnanimously shared mutations 14; 12r15;13r1 Vκ; 0 VH
Single clones (mouse 2)
Q10.423-43/Jk54; 3rVHJ558.26.116/DFL16.1/JH1 γ2c2; 1r1 Vκ; 0 VH
  • Empty cells in the second and fourth columns indicate the same information as the cell above.

  • a Amino acid replacements due to somatic mutation.

  • b J2.8 is γ2c; J7.13 is γ2b.

  • c Members of this clone share an Arg replacement in VH CDR1 but as a result of different base substitutions (mutations).

  • d Arg codon may be the result of either a somatic mutation in CDR3 or a P-element addition.