Table II.

Histological grading of intestinal inflammation

Infiltration of inflammatory cells
    0Rare inflammatory cells in the lamina propria
    1Increased numbers of inflammatory cells, including neutrophils in the lamina propria
    2Confluence of inflammatory cells extending into the submucosa
    3Transmural extension of the inflammatory cell infiltrate
Infiltration of lamina propria by mononuclear cells
Infiltration of lamina propria by polynuclear cells
Infiltration of epithelium by polynuclear cells
    0No infiltration
    2Inside the crypt
    3Cryptic abscess
Severity of epithelial damage
    0Absence of mucosal damage
    1Lymphoepithelial lesions
    2Mucosal erosion/ulceration
    3Extensive mucosal damage and extension through deeper structures of the bowel wall
Surface of epithelial damage