Table I.

VH repertoire analysis of the peripheral B cell subsets of two 11-mo-old children

DonorB cell subsetTranscriptsNumber of peaks
 analyzedaTotal number of
 sequencesNumber of different
 VDJ junctionsClonal
 diversitybP valuec
D1IgD+CD27+VH6 μ41049288
NaiveVH6 μ4564580
SwitchedVH6 γ467182710−15
D2IgD+CD27+VH3.15 μ4825263
NaiveVH3.15 μ4845262
SwitchedVH3.15 γ240254 × 10−9
  • a The peaks that were analyzed are identified by an asterisk in Fig. 1.

  • b Number of different VDJ among all the sequences.

  • c Statistical significance (see Materials and methods) of differences in clonal diversity between IgD+CD27+ and switched cells from the same donor.