Table I.

Selected characteristics of the subjects included in the study.

Gender (girls, boys)31, 2540, 33
City of birth (Turku, Oulu)29, 2745, 28
Season at time of birtha
     (winter, spring, summer, autumn)11, 19, 14, 1215, 25, 19, 14
Season at time of diagnosis
     (winter, spring, summer, autumn)11, 21, 10, 13NA
Age at time of diagnosis
     (median, range in months)44, 6–162NA
Age at time of first seroconversion
     (median, range in months)12, 6–96NA
HLA risk haplotypes
    Moderate riskb DR4-DQ8/x
 (x = any haplotype except DR2-DQ6, DR5-DQ7
 or DR3-DQ2)3346
    High risk (DR3-DQ2/DR4-DQ8)1720
  • a Seasons are defined as winter for December to February, spring for March to May, summer for June to August, and autumn for September to November.

  • b HLA genotype information is shown for the DIPP children only. One nonprogressor, not included in the table, had the moderate risk DR3-DQ2/x haplotype.