Table II.

Association of clones in tissues

30 min72 h
Liver vs. spleen23%98%a
Liver vs. MLN52%3%
Liver vs. PPND25%
Liver vs. intestine100%a87%a
Spleen vs. liver56%93%a
Spleen vs. MLNND3%
Spleen vs. PPND30%
Spleen vs. intestine100%a79%a
Intestine vs. liver38%32%
Intestine vs. spleen9%28%
  • C57BL/6J mice were inoculated orogastrically with Y. pseudotuberculosis labeled with 33 individual DNA tags. At times after inoculation, the mice were killed and harvested organs were examined for the presence of the individual clones using the technique described in Materials and methods. Percent association is expressed as the mean frequency that a clone present in one organ (organ x) was also present in the second organ of the same mouse (organ x vs. organ y). The association of the clones within the two organs was analyzed using the chi-squared test and significance for association (P < 0.05) is denoted by percentages in bold.

  • a ND, not determined.