Table I.

Pathologic features of mouse models of allergen-induced pulmonary disease and human asthma

Demonstrated in mouse onlyDemonstrated in human onlyDemonstrated in both
Immune response
Th2 cell cytokines
 (IL-4, IL-5, IL-9, IL-13) +
IgE +
Smooth muscle response
Intrinsic AHR+
 (except A/J mouse strain)
Smooth muscle beyond large airways +
Allergen-induced AHR +
Hypertrophy or hyperplasia +
Goblet cell metaplasia or mucous plugging +
Exfoliation +
Subepithelial fibrosis +
Peribronchial +
Intraepithelial +
Degranulation +
Importance for
 induced AHR+
 (mostly in C57BL/6)
Importance for remodeling +
Mast cells
Smooth muscle +
Intraepithelial +
Degranulation +
Involvement in exacerbations +