Table I.

Progenitor Frequency Analysis for DN1 and DN2 Thymocytes Cultured on OP9 Cells

Subset → lineage analyzedaProgenitor Frequency−1[95% confidence limits]b
DN1 → B cells188 [133–266]
DN1 → NK cells8.8 [7.2–10.7]
DN2 → NK cells13.6 [11.0–16.7]
  • a Individual wells (n = 56 wells with DN1 cells or n = 53 wells with DN2 cells for each of the titrations, 100, 30, 20, 10, 3, and 1 cell/well) were analyzed for the generation of B cells (CD19+) and NK cells (NK1.1+; see Fig. 1).

  • b Statistical analysis was performed using the method of maximum likelihood applied to the Poisson model.