Table I.

Genetic Loci Associated with Hypermucoviscosity in K. pneumoniae

1–11acps clustercapsular polysaccharide synthesis37
12wb clusterlipopolysaccharide synthesis38
13bnovel 1.2-kb ORFidentical to mutant 18
14novel 1.6-kb ORF57-kD hypothetical protein, putative thiosulfate sulfurtransferase
15novel 0.9-kb ORF33-kD hypothetical protein
17cps cluster ORF 680-kD hypothetical protein, function unknown37
18bnovel 1.2-kb ORF43-kD hypothetical protein, putative membrane lipoprotein
19novel 1.6-kb ORF57-kD hypothetical protein, putative phosphotransferase
20rmpAextracapsular polysaccharide synthesis regulator39, 40
  • a Mutants 1–10, gross loss of mucoid phenotype. Mutants 11–20, negative string test.

  • b Mutants 13 and 18, the same locus was disrupted.

  • c Mutant 16, it possessed double insertion of transposon and was not further studied.

  • ORF, open reading frame.