Table I.

Effect of Inhibitors on Conjugate Formation and Polarization

Untreated conjugates
JurkatLAI − CD4+ cells36403360601803327
Jurkat − CD4+ cells11d000077520
Blocking antibodies and receptor inhibitors
Q412020d0NDe00684 81
447-52D29d0ND0011325 59
AMD31004619ND15d15d869 54
Pharmacological inhibitors
Cytochalasin D17d25d0d25d25d1713d171
Latrunculin00ND0 d0d650 36
BDM65d200d20208323d 59
ML76316d0d13136920d 48
Wortmannin10014d0d14d14d5122 64
  • a The median percentage of primary CD4+ T cells in conjugates with JurkatLAI or uninfected Jurkat cells.

  • b The median percentage polarization was calculated by analyzing conjugates between JurkatLAI or uninfected Jurkat and target primary CD4+ T cells. Blocking antibodies and pharmacological inhibitors were applied as described in Materials and Methods.

  • c n indicates the number of primary cells examined from randomly chosen low power fields.

  • d Values do not differ significantly (P < 0.05) from the control (untreated JurkatLAI − CD4+ conjugates).

  • e ND, not done.

  • Primary CD4+ T cells were either untreated or pretreated with inhibitors before formation of conjugates with JurkatLAI. Cells were stained for CD4, CXCR4, Env, and Gagp17/p24 or CD4 and actin and analyzed by confocal microscopy for receptor polarization to the interface.