Table I.

Patients' Characteristics

PatientHIV RNAaCD4 countbHLA-DRB1HAARTcTreatmentd
Group 1
12C <50677*0901, *1148DdI, D4T EFV
12B <50667*0101, *0760D4T, 3TC, RIT
11C <501,037*0101, *0848EFV (DMP 266-06), IND
13C <50461*0401, *1148D4T, 3TC, IND
10C <50789*11, *1512RIT, IND, Comb (AZT/3TC)
09B <50400*0401, *150113D4T, 3TC, NFV
02B <50604ND143TC, VER, NFV, D4T
03C <501,064*0401, *07123TC, AZT, ABC
11B <50574*13, *1512Comb (AZT/3TC), NFV
07B <50443*07, *1512D4T, 3TC, RIT
Group 2
11145,000420*13, *1372AZT, 3TC
11230,000529*03, *0460AZT, 3TC
11365,000606*11, *1524D4T, 3TC, IND
11440,000406*0103, *0760D4T, 3TC, IND
11510,000771*07, *11603TC, AZT, EFV
11633,452420*14, *14483TC, AZT, EFV
11765,007344*04, *1348ND
11873,902386ND723TC, AZT, ABC
  • a Copies of HIV-1 RNA/ml of plasma at the time of study.

  • b Peripheral CD4+ T lymphocyte count at the time of study.

  • c Duration of current regimen (months).

  • d Antiretroviral drug abbreviations: ABC, abacavir; AZT, zidovudine; D4T, savudine; EFV, efavirenz; IND, indinavir; NFV, nelfinavir; 3TC, lamivudine.

  • Group 1, patients with therapy success and no viral rebounds; Group 2, patients with therapy failure due to several viral rebounds throughout therapy.