Table I.

Mutations in the Rearranged TCR and the c-myc Genes in Lymphomas

Cell sourceNumber of
 clones10−4 × mutation
TCRVβ8–Jβ2 (genome)
Lymphoma 1Primary LN23/2325 (41/16,330)
Transferred24/2415 (25/17,040)
Lymphoma 2Primary SPL24/2419 (32/17,136)
Transferred24/2411 (19/17,136)
Lymphoma 4Primary THY24/245.4 (8/14,832)
Transferred23/232.1 (3/14,214)
Wild-typeLN1/220.68 (1/14,799)
TCR Vβ8–Cβ2 (cDNA)
Lymphoma 1Transferred
Vβ8–Jβ2.429/2912 (11/9,019)
Cβ2Exon 1–429/293.9 (6/15,486)
Exon 129/295.5 (6/10,875)
Exon 2–40/29<2.2 (0/4,611)
Wild-typeT cells
Vβ8–Jβ20/24<1.3 (0/7,411)
Cβ2Exon 1–40/24<0.78 (0/12,816)
c-myc (genome)
Lymphoma 1Transferred19/1913 (24/18,183)
Wild-typeLN0/21<0.50 (0/20,097)
  • a Number of mutations per number of total base pairs sequenced is shown in parentheses.

  • Identical mutations in different plasmid clones from the same individual lymphomas were counted only once unless genealogies indicated that the mutation was unique.