Table I.

Homology between UGT2B17 and Other UGT2B Family Members

MembersGI numbersHomologyaPeptidesb
UGT2B1547575897.6 (1555/1593)AELFNIPFLY
UGT2B11450782285.9 (1368/1593)AALLNIRFVY
UGT2B10450781685.2 (1358/1593)AELFNIPFVY
UGT2B7450782485.6 (1363/1593)AELFNIPFVY
UGT2B41086394085.2 (1357/1593)AELLKIPFVY
UGT2B281659667984.2 (1342/1593)AALLNIPFVY
UGT2B29Pc697942482.8 (565/682)Not available
UGT2B27P697942383.9 (559/666)Not available
UGT2B26P697942282.9 (539/650)Not available
UGT2B25P697942182.6 (598/724)Not available
UGT2B24P697942082.3 (596/724)Not available
  • a Homology between recipient UGT2B17 cDNA and canonical sequences of each UGT2B family member is presented as the percentage and actual number (parentheses) of identical nucleotides.

  • b Amino acid sequence of the peptides encoded by other family members and corresponding to AELLNIPFLY encoded by UGT2B17. Amino acids that differ from AELLNIPFLY are shown in bold.

  • c P indicates a pseudogene.