Table I.

Memory Response to Soluble Antigen from NP-CG Primed and Carrier Primed Micea

Immunization ProtocolbSerum Responsec(end-point dilution)
Mice1°(i.p.)1°(i.v.)α-NP22 λ1
 titer (1/X)Percent
CB-17NP-CGNP-CG135,826 ± 69,60753
H50Gμa33,417 ± 10,91938
C.B-17CGNP-CG4,797 ± 2,01023
H50Gμa2,218 ± 1,5818
C.B-17noneNP-CG130 ± 600
H50Gμa60 ± 200
  • a Serum data were obtained from mice 9 d after secondary challenge with soluble antigen.

  • b Primary immunizations were by intraperitoneal administration of 50 μg NP-CG or CG alone in alum. Secondary/memory responses were elicited through the intravenous injection of 20 μg soluble NP-CG 60 d after primary challenge.

  • c The NP-specific 1λ1 end-point serum titer was used as a measure of the secondary immune response to allow direct comparison between H50Gμa and C.B-17 mice.