Table I.

Responses in Mutant Mice to K/BxN Serum Transfer

Disrupted geneDisease severityReference
Rag-1Similar to wild-type(11)
CD40LSimilar to wild-type(18)
TNFRp55/p75Delayed disease onset(18)
Inducible NO synthase 2Similar to wild-type(21)
gp91 (phox)Similar to wild-type(21)
TRANCE/RANKLProtected from bone erosions(22)
FCRγNo inflammatory response(9, 18)
FCγRISimilar to wild-type(9)
FCγRIIbSimilar to wild-type(10)
FcγRIIIWeak inflammatory response(9)
CLq or C4Similar to wild-type(8, 9)
C3 or factor BWeak inflammatory response(9)
C5 or C6No inflammatory response(9, 10)