Table I.

Tumor Appearance at 3 wk

TreatmentChallenging tumorTumor+ mice/ challenged mice
WT unpulsedB16-OVA4/4
FcγRIIB−/− unpulsedB16-OVA4/4
WT plus OVA-ICB16-OVA6/8
FcγRIIB−/− plus OVA-ICB16-OVA1/8
WT unpulsedB164/4
FcγRIIB−/− unpulsedB164/4
WT plus OVA-ICB164/4
FcγRIIB−/− plus OVA-ICB164/4
  • DC cultures derived from bone marrows of WT or FcγRIIB−/− mice (C57BL/6 background) were pulsed with OVA-IgG ICs and used to immunize naive syngeneic C57BL/6 mice. 2 wk after this single immunization, mice were challenged subcutaneously with a variant of the melanoma B16 tumor line that expresses OVA as a neo-antigen (MO4). Data shown are fraction of mice with palpable tumors at 3 wk after tumor challenge. As antigen specificity controls, some mice were injected with untreated DCs and others were challenged with the parental (OVA negative) B16 tumor line.