Table I.

Patient́s Characteristics, Status Before and Response to DC Vaccination

Metastases at study entry
Fully evaluable patients (five vaccinations)
02m-48ES, ILP, IT, RT, CIT----D/5--Pancreas 2/35CR
05f-77ES, ILP, IT, RT, CT6/34------SD
08f-64ES, IT, CIT, CT--1/31/4-2/80-Muscle 1/60OP
10m-41ES, IT-2/13-----SD
12f-65ES, CT---1/15D/10--SD
14m-58ES, IT, CT----D/25--OP
15f-35ES, CIT-2/20-----SD
17f-60IS, CIT--D/103/261/3-Kidney 2/15,
 suprarenal 2/60OP
19m-70ES, IT----9/25-2/25OP
20m-64ES, IT, RTD (>50)/5-D/5----SD
21m-59ES, IT-2/9-----SD
23f-36ES, IT, CT3/14------Intestine DSD
27f-44IS, IT---1/511/16--SD
28m-55ES, CIT, ILP-2/6-3/30---OP
Not fully evaluable patients (less than five vaccinations)
01f-29ECIT---D/8-1/5-Spleen 3/35
 peritoneum D
 muscle 2/30
03m-59ES, IT, CT1/70D/15-----Sinus cavernosus infiltration;
04f-55ES, IT, CT--D/30---OP
07f-48IS, CIT, RT-1/20-D/50---OP
09m-57ES, CIT1/11--D-D-Pancreas, duodenum,
 gastric DOP
11f-71ESD (>50)/5-----OP
24f-37IS, CT, IT, RT---1/451/20--OP
  • Deceased.

  • Treatment Centers: E, Erlangen; I, Innsbruck.

  • Pretreatment therapy: IT, immunotherapy; C(I)T, chemo(immuno)therapy; S, surgery; RT, radiotherapy; ILP, isolated limb perfusion.

  • Metastases at study entry: the number and diameter of the largest metastases present at study entry are listed (number/diameter in mm); D, diffuse.

  • Clinical Response: CR, complete regression; OP, overall progression; SD, stable disease.