Table 1

Viruses Used in This Paper

Smith strainnatural isolatewild-typenone
MW97.01BAC derivedwild-typenone
ΔMS94.5mutagenesis in cellsΔORFs 150-165lacZ
ΔMC96.24mutagenesis in cellsΔm152none
rMC96.27mutagenesis in cellswild-type, revertant of ΔMC96.24none
ΔMS94.7spontaneous mutantΔORFs 1-17none
Δm4-MC95.33mutagenesis in cellsΔm4 (nt 3250-4041)lacZ
Δm4-MW99.03BAC/recombinationΔm4 (nt 3270-4067)kanr
m4Tn3514BAC/transposonm4 disruptedTn1721 into m4 at nt 3514
m4Tn3516BAC/transposonm4 disruptedTn1721 into m4 at nt 3516
m4TnPBAC/transposonputative m4 promoter disruptedTn1721 into putative m4 promoter at nt 3099
Δm4+m152-MW99.04BAC/recombinationΔm4+m152 (nt 3270-4067 and 210244-211377kanr/zeocinr
Δm152-MW99.05BAC/recombinationΔm152 (nt 210244-211377)zeocinr
  • The methods used to create mutant MCMVs are described in Materials and Methods.