Table 1

K/B×N Serum-transferred Arthritis in Diverse Inbred Strains

Histological evaluation
StrainMax. clinical indexDay of onsetMax. ankle thickeningNo. of mice examinedInflammationCartilage destruction
Balb/c4.01.2 (1–2)1.511(++)(++)
C57Bl/103.91.3 (1–3)1.44(++)(+)
PL3.82.0 (1–4)1.48(++)(++)
C57Bl/63.52.9 (1–6)1.519(++)(+)
DBA/13.52.8 (2–5)1.44(+)(+)
CBA3.53.5 (2–5)1.14(++)(+)
MRL/Mp2.93.8 (2–4)0.94(++)(+++)
NZW2.94.8 (1–14)0.74(++)(+++)
C3H/He2.26.4 (3–12)15(+/−)(+/−)
SJL2.212.4 (2–28)0.612(+)(+/−)
129/Sv1.63.5 (3–4)0.34(+/−)(+/−)
  • Different strains of mice were transferred with 7.5 μl per gram body weight of serum from K/B×N mice on days 0 and 2. Two mice were killed at day 7 for histology, and the others followed until days 12–28. The “day of onset” is the first day of overt disease on one limb.