Table III.

Differential Effect of HAART on the Dynamics of T Cell Subpopulations and Monocytes

d1 (day−1)
d2 (day−1)0.0280.0200.0340.028NS0.0630.0630.0330.014NSNANANANANA
s1 (day−1)0.0240.0140.0060.0030.030.0200.0070.0050.005<0.0010.380.120.550.110.01
s2 (day−1)0.0110.0150.0110.009NS0.0070.0060.0060.004NSNANANANANA
  • Shown are the mean ± SD, of the calculated source (s) and the decay constant (d) for the two subpopulations of cells for lymphocytes and the single population for monocytes for six patients who received two BrdU infusions, the first prior to HAART therapy (Pre-therapy) and the second 2 to 6 mo after initiation of HAART therapy (Post-therapy). Statistical significance (P) is for comparison of pre- and post-therapy values by t test for dependent samples. NS, not significant (P > 0.05). One patient with unusually high (about one order of magnitude higher than the average) CD8 T cell turnover was excluded from the analysis (see the legend of Table 2). NA, not applicable.