Table 1

Schematic Diagram of the Infection Sequence in BALB/c Mice

ReferencegroupMain experimental groupsControl groups
First infection: day 0Control (HEp-2)RSVInfluenzaControl (HEp-2)RSVInfluenza
Priming protein: day 21G proteinG proteinG proteinControl (β-gal)Control (β-gal)Control (β-gal)
Final infection: day 35RSVRSVRSVRSVRSVRSV
  • Mice were intranasally infected with RSV, influenza, or HEp-2 lysate on day 0, and after 21 d scarified with rVV-G or rVV–β-gal. On day 35, mice were infected intranasally with whole RSV and sacrificed 7 d later.