Table 2

Cytokine Expression in Antigen-specific CD8 T Cells

Percentage of positive cells
DonorSpecificityIFN-γ positiveMIP-1β positiveTNF-α positive
H1A2 gag72ND48
H2A2 gag66ND29
H3A2 gag867547
H4A2 gag868525
H5A2 gag988690
H6A2 gag808080
H7B8 gag888071
H8B8 nef78NDND
H9B8 nef254020
H10B8 nef80NDND
H11B8 nef60ND45
H12B8 p2460ND45
H13B27 gag475425
H14B27 gag242114
H15B57 gag687037
C1A2 cmv666249
C2A2 cmv747342
C3A2 cmv555339
C4A2 cmv656450
C5A2 cmv838360
C6A2 cmv959490
C7B7 cmv959595
C8B7 cmv888590
C9B7 cmv767356
C10B7 cmv747046
C11B7 cmv888060
  • Intracellular staining for IFN-γ, MIP-1β, and TNF-α was carried out in combination with tetramer staining using samples from HIV-infected patients. The table shows the cytokine expression in different antigen-specific CD8+ T cell populations stimulated with specific peptides.