Table 4

Estimation of CTL Frequency Using Low Input Cell Numbers per Well

SubjectDateStandard seven dilution LDA100 cells/ well40–50 cells/ well10–25 cells/ wellElispotTetramer
  • Data shown as CTLs/106 PBMCs. For 199pg, the value of 371/106 PBMCs as the estimated CTLp by standard seven dilution LDA is the mean of the three CTLp estimates of 536, 329, and 248/106 PBMCs that were shown in Fig. 5aFig. bFig. c. The responses studied for donors 016-TCH and 021-BMC were to the B42-restricted epitope TPQDLNTML (p24 Gag residues 48–56 [references 32, 37]) and for donor 199pg was to the A*3002-restricted epitope RSLYNTVATLY (p17 Gag residues 76–86 [reference 41]). For 016-TCH 8/99, 021-BMC 9/99, and 199pg (see Fig. 5), 320 replicate wells at each input cell number shown were analyzed. For 016-TCH 11/99, using a PBMC sample from 11/99, 96 replicate wells at each input cell number per well shown were analyzed.