Table 1

Recognition of a Panel of tTG-treated Recombinant α-Gliadin Antigens by Seven TCCs

412 R313.80.932.
412 R5.3215.
370 R2.317.
387 E952.61.025.0ND0.8ND1.
387 E3425.10.925.1ND1.0ND1.
380 E32.41.02.2ND0.9ND1.
389 E376.
  • Seven TCCs isolated from four CD patients were tested for recognition of chymotrypsin-digested, tTG-treated gliadins. Gliadin from the wheat variety Kadett was used as a positive control (+). Results are given as the stimulation index that was calculated by dividing the response to antigen by the response to PBS control. Similar results were also obtained when pepsin-digested recombinant gliadins treated with acid/heat were used.