Table 1

Expression of the Vα14+ TCR α Chain by the Remaining NK1.1 T Cells in TCR β-loop Transgenic Mice

Number of NK1.1+CD3+ cells
β27/2720/27 (74%)
β-loop30/3021/30 (70%)
  • Liver cell suspensions from TCR-β or β-loop transgenic mice were double stained with anti-NK1.1 and anti-CD3 mAbs. Double-stained cells were sorted individually to perform RT-PCR as described in Materials and Methods. cDNA encoding the Vα14+ TCR α chain was amplified as well as the Vβ8.2+ TCR β chain used as positive control for the reaction. Numbers in parentheses represent percentages of Vβ8.2+ cells that were Vα14+. A representative experiment is shown here.