Table 3

Involvement of Lymphocyte Subsets in Rejection of B16-BL6 through Cotreatment with Anti–CTLA-4 and BL6/GM Vaccine

DepletionB16-BL6 tumor takeRemarks
CD42/10Depigmentation (4/8 survivors)
CD4 plus CD85/5
NK1.18/10Multiple tumors developed at injection site, no depigmentation
Control mouse IgG5/10Depigmentation (3/5 survivors)
Control rat IgG4/10Depigmentation (4/6 survivors)
No depletion5/10Depigmentation (3/5 survivors)
No depletion, no treatment10/10
  • Depletion of lymphocyte subsets was achieved by injecting depleting antibodies GK1.5 (anti-CD4), 2.43 (CD8), PK136 (NK1.1), or control antibodies at days −8, −7, −6, and every 7 (GK1.5) to 10 d thereafter. Depletion was checked at day −1. Results are compiled from two experiments.