Table III

Nests of CD4+ T Cells Are Predominantly Found in Spinal Cord Sections from Chronically Affected gld Recipients of Conventional Wild-type T Cells*

Recipient genotypePeak clinical scoreClinical score at time of deathDuration of clinical signs of EAE (days)‡Mean number of nests per spinal cord cross-section§
B10.PL20270.75 ± 0.96
gld4473‖ 2.8 ± 1.5
gld4273‖ 2.8 ± 1.9
gld4243‖ 1.6 ± 2.1
gld3143‖   1 ± 1.7
  • *  EAE was induced as described in Fig. 1.  

  •  All animals were killed at 67 or 68 d after cell transfer, except gld/gld mice exhibiting clinical signs of disease for 73 d, which were killed at 94 d after cell transfer.  

  • §  Nests or clusters of >10 immediately adjacent CD4+ cells were counted in 4–5 representative lower spinal cord cross-sections per mouse. The average number of clusters per cross-section ± SD is shown for each animal.  

  •  Animals were still sick at termination of experiment.