Table II

Surface Expression of H-2Db on Cells with Defects in TAP or β2m

Cell typeH-2Db expression (mean FL1)*H-2Db surface density (FL1/FSC)‡
TAP1−/− 14 24
β2m−/−  4  6
TAP1/β2m−/−  0  0
RMA-S 15 21
T2Db 28 31
T2  0  0
  • *  H-2Db expression was measured by FACS® analysis using the conformation-dependent B22-249.1 epitope.  

  •  As forward scatter (FSC) is proportional to the cross-sectional area of the analyzed cell, FL1/FSC was used as an estimate of the surface density of H-2Db.  

  • §  B6, TAP1−/−, β2m−/−, and TAP1/β2m−/− Con A–activated blasts were generated by culturing splenocytes for 3 d in RPMI supplemented with 10% FCS and 5 μg/ml Con A.