Table II

IFN-α/β Act Directly on T Cells

Additions to culturePercentage indicated of cells surviving in mixed cultures
None43.6 ± 1.833.5 ± 0.445.9 ± 2.421.5 ± 0.9
IFN-α/β49.7 ± 0.654.4 ± 0.843.9 ± 0.422.4 ± 0.6
  • IFN-α/βR–deficient mice and mice of their closely related wild-type strain, 129/SvEv, were injected intravenously with 150 μg SEB. 2 d later T cells were isolated from the lymph nodes of the mice. The cells from the IFN-α/βR–deficient mice were staIned with CFSE as described in Materials and Methods. Mixtures containing equal numbers of cells from each type of mouse were cultured for 28 h in the absence or presence of 3,333 U/ml IFN-α/β and then stained with PE–labeled anti-CD4 or anti-CD8 and biotinylated anti-Vβ8 followed by CySA. Results shown are the mean ± SE of data from three identical cultures.