Table I

Specificity of T Cell Lines Analyzed

T cell lineRestriction elementAntigen specificity
DN1CD1bMycolic acid
DN.POTTCD1bMycolic acid
LDN5CD1bGlucose monomycolate
  • CD8-1 and CD8-2 have specificity for two different lipid antigens present in M. tuberculosis H37Ra extracts. Both antigens are extracted from M. tuberculosis in chloroform/methanol (2:1), and can be resolved by step gradient silica chromatography into fractions eluting in 60:40 (chloroform/methanol) (CD8-1) and 90:10 (chloroform/methanol) (CD8-2). Preliminary characterization of the CD8-1 antigen shows that it is likely to be a phospholipid (Moody, D.B., W. Muchlecker, and S.A. Porcelli, unpublished observations).