Table 3

Participation of IFN-γ in T Cell–mediated Control of Recurrent MCMV Infection

mAb treatmentNo. of mice with recurrent infection (%)
Control                  0/20 (0)
αIFN-γ                    0/15 (0)
αCD4      2/17 (11.8)
αCD4 + αIFN-γ 10/13 (76.9)
αCD8 1/23 (4.3)
αCD8 + αIFN-γ11/15 (73.3)
  • Latently infected B cell–deficient mice (μMT/μMT) were depleted of IFN-γ either alone or in combination with CD4+ and/or CD8+ T lymphocytes. 2 wk later, salivary glands, lungs, and spleen were tested for recurrent MCMV. Mice showing recurrent virus in any of these organs were scored positive.