Table 3

Adsorption of MIP-1α from Conditioned Media

Conditioned medium sourceCpm MIP-1α bound (standard deviation)Percentage of reduction of MIP-1α binding
None (fresh medium)27,164 (1,750)None
US28-positive cells25,962 (4,362) 4.5
US28-negative cells14,090 (1,802)48.2
  • Target cells in the MIP-1α binding assay were HCMV strain AD169- infected HFF cells at 72 h pi. The binding assay was done as described in Materials and Methods using 0.25 nM of radiolabeled MIP-1α per well, except that 0.125 ml of conditioned medium replaced an equal volume of cold binding buffer. No attempt was made to remove chemokines from the infected cell membranes before the initiation of the binding assay. Each data point represents the mean and standard deviation derived from three to four plates, as follows: US28-positive infected cell–conditioned medium was from one plate each of HFF cells infected with wild-type strains AD169, RV134, RV91, and RV11. US28-negative infected cell–conditioned medium was from cells infected with RV92 (one plate) and RV101 (two plates).