Table 1

Characteristics of Recombinant Tumor Antigens Used for Serological Analysis

Recombinant proteinAmino acid No.Amino acid positionApparent mol wt*References
Full lengthIncluded
 Full length180180 1–180∼22 kD 6
 Long18017110–180∼20 kD 6
 Short18011210–121∼14 kD 6
 Baculovirus18017110–180∼20 kD 6
MAGE-130916357–219∼20 kD17
MAGE-330916357–219∼20 kD 2 and our unpublished data
Melan-A1181181–118∼23 kD18
Tyrosinase52945223–474∼52 kD19, 20
SSX21881881–188∼30 kD21 and our unpublished data
Carbonic anhydrase354157198–354∼15 kD 5 and our unpublished data
  • *  By SDS–polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis under reducing conditions.