Table 1

Y. enterocolitica Strains Used in this Study

StrainRelevant characteristicsReference
WA-314Serogroup O8; clinical isolate harboring virulence plasmid pYVO831
WA-CPlasmidless derivative of strain WA-31431
WA-C(pYV-7146)Mutant strain, deficient in YopH secretion; insertional inactivation of sycH,10
 the gene for the YopH-specific chaperone SycH
WA-C(pYV-515)Mutant strain, deficient in secretion of Yops; insertional inactivation of lcrD,10
 the gene encoding LcrD, which is essential for Yop secretion
WA-C(pLCR)Strain harboring plasmid pLCR encoding the secretion apparatus32
 of Y. enterocolitica including the genes for YopD, YopB, YopN, and LcrV
WA-C(pLCR, pB8-23)Strain WA-C(pLCR) harboring an additional plasmid encoding the genes32
 for YopH, YopE, and YadA
WA-C(pYV-OP-1)yopO/yopP-negative mutant; insertional inactivation of the yopO/yopP operonThis study