Table 2

Cytotoxicity in PBMCs Stimulated with the Three Nonapeptides*

Effector cellsPercent specific lysis (E/T ratio of 5:1)
KE3 (A2402/ A0201)KE4 (A2601/ A2402)
PBMC aloneBulk culture11.5012.10
PBMC stimulatedBulk culture15.8028.50
 with SART-1736-744Subline No. 1 0.0012.00
PBMC stimulatedBulk culture26.1027.50
 with SART-1749-757Subline No. 1 0.00 0.00
PBMC stimulatedBulk culture12.0013.00
 with SART-1785-793
  • *  The three nonapeptides (SART-1736-744, SART-1749-757, and SART-1785-793) were tested for their ability to induce CTLs against the KE4 tumor cells from PBMCs of a KE4 patient. After the stimulation, PBMCs or the sublines were tested for their cytotoxicity against the autologous KE4 and allogenic KE3 tumor cells at an E/T ratio of 5:1 in triplicate determinants in a 6-h 51Cr–release assay. The mean values of percent specific lysis are shown in the table.