Table 2

Tumor Surface and Secreted Ig Isotypes

TumorSurface Ig*Secreted Ig‡Myc/Pvt 1 rearrangements§
 142IgG2aIgG2a    ND‖
 205  NullIgG2aND
 217  IgG3     IgG3ND
 221  Null     IgAND
 223  IgG3     IgG3ND
 355  NullIgG2aND
 362  Null     IgG3ND
 208  IgG1     IgG1ND
 311  Null     IgG3ND
 329  IgM     IgMND
 421  IgM     IgMND
 424  IgA     IgAND
 426  IgA     IgAND
 536  IgA     IgAND
  • *  Surface Ig expression on scid-passaged tumor cells determined by FACS® analysis.  

  •  Isotype of secreted Ig in sera from tumor-bearing scid mice determined by ELISA assay.  

  • §  Rearrangement of Myc and Pvt1 loci determined by Southern blot analysis of genomic DNA from scid-passaged tumors.  

  •  ND, not detected. Rearrangements of Myc or Pvt1 were not detected.