Table 2

CAT Activity in Cf2Th Cells Expressing CD4 and 7-TMS Proteins following Incubation with Viruses Containing Different Envelope Glycoproteins

7-TMS proteinViral envelope glycoproteins
CXCR4  <0.1  <0.1<0.1<0.1<0.1            9.3
CCR5  19.0  12.1113.9290.8203.7       9.4
gpr1   7.0  2.7<0.1<0.1<0.1<0.1
gpr15  30.3<0.1<0.1
  • The percent conversion of chloramphenicol to acetylated forms is shown following incubation of comparable amounts of lysates derived from Cf2Th cells exposed to recombinant viruses. The CAT activity was calculated as described in the legend to Fig. 1. In some cases, dilutions of the lysates were tested to bring the assay within the linear range and, thus, the reported values exceed 100%.