Table 1

Anti-GBM Antibody Deposition in Wild-type and Mac-1–deficient Glomeruli

GenotypeBinding indexAverage ± SEM
 WT3 8.7
11.3 ± 1.7
13.9 ± 1.0
  • Anti-GBM antibody binding index 1 h after intravenous injection of anti-GBM antiserum. Frozen kidney sections from wild-type and mutant mice were incubated with saturating concentration of FITC-tagged goat anti–rabbit secondary antibody. Fluorescent images were digitalized and processed with an Optima program. The binding index was defined as the average fluorescence associated with the glomeruli divided by that associated within the tubules. Data are averaged measurements from two sections, four to six glomeruli/animal. There was no significant difference in the index associated with glomeruli of wild-type and mutant mice.