Table I

Disseminating B. pertussis infection in IFN-γR/ mice

MiceB. persussis (log10 CFU)
IFN-γR−/−6.6 (0.2)3.0 (2.5)2.0 (1.3)
129Sv/Ev5.7 (0.4)−≳
Ig−/−5.8 (0.4)    −
C57BL/64.9 (0.3)    −
  • B. pertussis colony counts recovered from lungs (CFU/lung) and whole blood (CFU/ml) 10 d after challenge and from liver (CFU/liver) 24 d after aerosol challenge with 2 × 1010 CFU/ml B. pertussis (time points reflect peak bacterial recovery from tissue, detectable in the blood of infected IFN-γR−/− from days 3–11 and in the liver from days 7–56 after challenge). Results are mean (SE) values for 4 mice tested individually in triplicate and are representative of two experiments. The lower detection limit was 0.5 log10 CFU per organ or per ml blood.  

  • *  Undetectable bacteria.