Table 1

FACS® Staining of Mononuclear Cells from Mice that Received TCR Transgenic CD4 T cells

Aerosol exposureSource of cellsDonor cells*
% KJ1-26+ CD4 cells (range)
In vitro primed cells9999
 at time of transfer
PBSLung-draining LN<1<1<1
OVAInguinal, mesenteric LN Not tested<1<1
OVALung-draining LN13 (8–16)8 (4–10)<1
OVABAL69 (61–77)57 (50–60)<1
  • *  DO11.10 TCR transgenic Th1, Th2, or naive (N) CD4 T cells were transferred into BALB/c mice, and the mice were exposed to 7 d of aerosolized OVA or PBS. FACS® analysis was performed after aerosol exposure to PBS or OVA, as denoted. Cells were stained with anti-CD4 and KJ1-26 antibodies. Values are the mean percent (range) for individual Th1 or Th2 mice (3–5 mice/group). Lung lymphocytes were isolated and pooled from three mice.  

  •  After transfer of CD4 Th1, Th2, or naive cells and administration of PBS, BAL fluid contained too few CD4 T cells for these studies.