Table 4

DR1-restricted T Cell Hybridomas Are Specific for the hCII(262–270) Core Determinant

T cell hybridomaIL-2*
Human CII Mimotope Peptides‡
DR1hCII-2–§2,560  2,5601,280
DR1hCII-3        –2,560  2,5602,560
DR1hCII-5       –        640  1,2801,280
DR1hCII-14       –1,280  2,5601,280
DR1hCII-19       –2,560>2,560 640
  • *  Production of IL-2 was measured as an indicator of T cell hybridoma stimulation in an antigen presentation assay using DR1-expressing APCs, (cell line L57). After 24 h of culture, supernatants were collected and tested for the presence of IL-2–dependent cell line HT-2, as described in Materials and Methods. Data are expressed as units of IL-2 per milliliter.  

  •  Peptides were derived from the same Mimotope peptide synthesis used in Fig. 6.  

  • §  –, <20 U/ml of IL-2 produced.