Table 3

The Response of DR1-Tg+ T Cells to hCII Is Restricted by HLA-DR1

T cell hybridomaAPC*
Chimeric DR1DR1I-Af
+ Antigen‡− Antigen+ Antigen− Antigen+ Antigen
DR1hCII-3.0>2,560       –>2,560
DR1hCII-14.0>2,560      –>2,560
DR1hCII-16.0 2,560      –>2,560
DR1hCII-19.0 2,560      –>2,560
DR1hCII-22.0>2,560      –>2,560
  • *  APCs: DRAB10, transfected cells that express the chimeric DR1; L57, transfected L cells expressing wild-type DR1; and, the B cell hybridoma 43.2.1 that expresses I-Af.  

  •  Antigen presentation assay performed as described in Materials and Methods. hCII(249–281) was used as antigen at 150 μg/ml final concentration.  

  • §  −, less than 20 U/ml of IL-2 produced.