Table 2

Immunization of Balb/c Mice with Affinity-purified Recombinant NspA Protein Confers Protection against Subsequent Challenge with N. meningitidis Strain 608B

Number of living mice after the bacterial challenge*
Groups24 h72 h% Survival
10 μg of purified  NspA protein20/2016/2080
20 μg of purified  NspA protein9/108/1080
20 μg of BSA6/102/1020
20 μg of concentrated  E. coli supernatant7/102/1020
Phosphate buffered  saline8/100/100
  • * The mice were challenged with 1 ml of a suspension containing 1,000 CFU of N. meningitidis strain 608B, 4% mucin (Sigma), and 1.6% hemoglobin (Oxoid).